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FoM Raises Money to Support Zambian Orphans
FOM raised and donated money to support children living at the Serenje Orphans Childrens Home (SOCH) in Serenje, Zambia. These children are being cared for fully through the fundraising initiatives of the Serenje Orphans Appeal (SOA). The youngest daughter of FOM's founder showed that vegetarians could undertake an arduous hike in adverse weather through the Jura!

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George Knapp interviews Seán O Nualláin on Coast to Coast AM
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Seán O Nualláin’s new book One Magisterium hailed as a “masterpiece” in a review by Stuart Kauffman


Foundations of Mind and California Institute of Integral Studies
were pleased to present

Quantum Mechanics Meets Neurodynamics:
An Emerging 21st Century Science of Consciousness
A Conference Announcement and Invitation

In Honor of the Late Walter Freeman
on the 90th Anniversary of his Birth

January 27, 2017 • CIIS • 1453 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103
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Quantum Mechanics Meets Neurodynamics Conference flyer, Jan. 27, 2017, San Francisco

And ... now available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing
The first Foundations of Mind book:
Dualism, Platonism and Voluntarism

Dualism, Platonish and Voluntarism: Explorations at the Quantum, Microscopic, Mesoscopic and Symbolic Neural Levels -- Foundations of Mind book

Introducing Foundations of Mind

Who we are and what we do

We are neuroscientists, physicists, philosophers, and psychologists from ages 20 to 90. We include University of California juniors, Nobel laureates, and social activists. We are secular, with a membership including all ethnicities, the LGBTQ community — and we even have a Gaelic-speaking (lapsed) Irish Catholic.

We publish prolifically — at a rate substantially greater in peer-reviewed outlets than any cogitive-science department. Our next proceedings will be published October 2016. Moreover, we allow writers to hold their copyright without payment, nor do we charge for public access. We have published articles by Stu Kauffman, our mentors Walter Freeman and Henry Stapp, Jacob Needleman, and many others; the quality is second to none.

Our conferences and seminars have so far taken place at UC Berkeley.

Our view of consciousness

While a definition of consciousness may or may not be helpful, it is possible to identify signatures at the neural, informational, metabolic and phenomenal levels that distinguish conscious states from dreams on the one hand and from intermediate waking states on the other. At the neural level, conscious states are characterized by gamma-phase synchrony over an appreciable amount of time, from fractions of seconds upward. At the informational level, conscious states involve modulation of the gamma wave broadcast over the whole cortex, which constitutes the “content” presented to the subject. If that content is minimal, the conscious state may be called “meditation” and may last up to hours.

At the metabolic level, power consumption by the brain dips due to the superposition of the gamma on the white noise constituting random neural firing. At the phenomenal level, unlike dreams, conscious content is consistent. Moreover, this consistency does not apply to normal waking states, when narration to oneself may be fallacious.

More speculatively, it may be possible to identify signatures at the quantum level, and to identify biological substrates like microtubules that can sustain quantum coherent states at physiological temperatures. That task will comprise the life’s work of many of the 21st century’s finest minds.

NEW: Proceedings of the Foundations of Mind IV Conference (2017) are now available free on the e-journal Cosmos and History.

Proceedings of the Foundations of Mind III Conference (2016) are now available free on the e-journal Cosmos and History.

Proceedings of the Foundations of Mind II Conference (2015) are now available free on the e-journal Cosmos and History.

Proceedings of the Foundations of Mind I Conference (2014) are now available free on the e-journal Cosmos and History.

Since we started publishing with Cosmos and History, its page views have gone from 900,000 per year to more than 28 million in 2015!

Our original Foundations of Mind papers are being downloaded at an increasing rate (now more than 100,000 downloads per year), with the top papers receiving more than 100 downloads per week. In three years, we have published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers.


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