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Seán O Nualláin’s new book One Magisterium hailed as a “masterpiece” in a review by Stuart Kauffman


Coming This Summer!

The Foundations of Mind II Conference

August 13–15, 2015

3105 Tolman Hall • University of California at Berkeley, CA 94720

First call for papers/participation:
Foundations of Mind II: A Dialogue of World Views

New:  A publisher has been confirmed for the conference proceedings

 Early-Bird Registration: 

June 30, 2015: Deadline for early-bird registration fee of $200 at:
The fee thereafter is $300 for the entire conference, or $50 for individual panels.
The conference is free for Cal students.

This year’s conference examines the rapidly-changing 21st century intellectual, social, and religious landscape in these categories:

  • the science-religion dialogue
  • the foundations of physics, biology, and consciousness studies
  • the role of activist academics in the university

Confirmed plenary speakers / panelists include:

  • Stuart Kauffman (Systems Biology, Seattle)
  • Terrence W. Deacon (UC Berkeley)
  • Kevin Padian (UC Berkeley)
  • Walter Freeman III (UC Berkeley)
  • Henry Stapp (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley)
  • Howard Pattee (Binghamton University)
  • Jacob Needleman (San Francisco State University)
  • Menas Kafatos
  • Wolfgang Baer (Nascent)
  • Len Talmy (University of Buffalo)
  • Swami Prasannatmananda (Vedanta Society)
  • Seán Ó Nualláin (University of Ireland)
  • Beverly Stokes (Amazing Babies Moving)
  • Cynthia Sue Larson (Reality Shifters)
  • Just added: Mikey Siegel (Consciousness Hacker)
  • Just added: Jeffery A. Martin (Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness)

More speakers will be added. We are also pleased to host members of the Biohackers and Consciousness Hackers communities in the Bay Area.


Deadlines for Papers:

For further details on the major themes and the panels go to:

Proceedings of the Foundations of Mind I Conference (2014) are now available free on the e-journal Cosmos and History.
They will later be issued by Cambridge Scholars Publishing as a book.


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